And to think I started out searching for some smooth Hall & Oates on You Tube

I finally did get to the Hall and Oates: Say It Isn’t So (1982)

Smooth, yes, but a real yawner  unless you’re looking for something like that. I seldom look for something like this in music and I quickly wound up at this instead,  You

which is really more like it, although I’m not sure how I found the Jetzons on You Tube except that I must have had a flash of inspiration and just typed them into the search window because voila! I was quickly transported back to 1982 and I was blasting my rock/roll brains out at Merlin’s again on Mill and Southern in Tempe along with another die-hard community of Jetzons fans – FOREVER! (Mason Jar was big then, too) Here’s another one, for good measure, one of my faves of theirs – used to wait for it at the club: Angel (On my Doorstep). This song might have been my favorite of all of theirs.

Then, on the same playlist as ‘Angel’ I saw a real treasure: Out!Out! 

Out!Out! is basically Sergeant Carter screaming at Gomer Pyle over some synthesizer percussion stuff. It was obscure then and it’s even moreso now. Like, I thought I was the only one who remembered these guys, Tone Set. It’s not like they had a long run, but happily I found yet another cadre of fellow Tone Set fans over on You Tube. I still have a cassette dubbed from their 1983 ‘Calibrate’ LP. You can bet that’s a hell of a collector’s item. Okay, back to those pesky playlists again. This time I saw yet another obscure but highly regarded Phoenix punk band from late ’70s early ’80’s fame, Billy Clone and the Same. I only saw them once because the band broke up after their lead singer died of a heroin overdose. These guys really rock. They were really good. She’s So Primitive

Sad for their demise but it led happily to the Jetzons and I’ll post the closest thing that exists to what I used to hear at Merlin’s, a live cut from way back then, 4-3-1.

I can’t tell you how great it is to listen to this stuff again after almost thirty years. I’m so glad to be able to hear it again. It feels just like ’82 and ’83 all over again. Will never forget it. I’m so glad I had those years. They were the funnest and best years I ever lived. It was a blast. I was single, wild as sin, about 27 or 28 years old, I lived in nightclubs and if I couldn’t find anyone to go to clubs with I’d go alone because I loved the music and the scene so much. As often as not I’d hook up with people I knew when I got there anyway. I worked with a very fun group of people and we’d all hang out, party, drink, do drugs, the whole bit. And then one day it all came to an end and I got married and raised a family. That’s all, folks.


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