Where, oh where

With a pair of dangerous escaped convicts loose on the highways of America, sons number one and three left Phoenix last Monday, August 9, too late in the morning, bound for Cleveland Ohio. Just days before, the badly burned bodies of an Oklahoma couple were found in a New Mexico campground near I-40, son number one’s preferred trans-USA route.

After some mighty begging and careful mapping of alternate routes, boys chose south, I-10, which took them straight through Texas, and into Arkansas just as the search for the killers moved from Yellowstone Park to, you guessed it, a beauty supply robbery in Arkansas. False alarm, but we didn’t know it until after the guys reached Cleveland. Later, I found out the police were even searching in Akron, for God’s sake. Maybe they were hoping to hop over to Canton, and catch the Hall of Fame game. Christ.

Oh, the south route also took them at least twelve hours longer. Oh, well, they should have listened to mother and taken Colorado, Nebraska, over through Illinois and into Ohio but the important thing is, they made it. Tomorrow, Monday, Greg flies back to Phoenix. Cliff stays behind in downtown Cleveland, beginning law school, year two, in another week.

Today, Ethan and girlfriend Hannah are at Disneyland. All day and into the night. Yes, they will certainly last until closing time, being the age they are.

postscript on October 21: The lost keys saga of Ethan and Hannah during the above trip. The above post was written on August 15.


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