Another lethal weapon

Now that the family reunion has been tucked nice and cozy into the Barcaloungers of our memories, it’s time to trot out the newest piece of Bendau news. Boys, meet the xd 9 sub. The xd 9 has the good fortune of bearing the brunt of my initiation into handgun ownership. And to punctuate our commitment,  Dad and I sat through eight excruciating hours of range qualifications, lectures and tests in order to earn the right to a concealed-carry permit.

All in all, it was too much information crammed into eight hours. Suffice it to say, though, we were left with plenty to think about, most saliently, when, how and whether or not we would choose to arm ourselves in public.


One response to “Another lethal weapon

  1. Holy shit Mom, I can’t believe you bought a handgun. Please try to refrain from shooting me if I’m sneaking into the house late at night. Anyway, sorry I’ve been a while getting back to you guys. I didn’t have my own computer in London, and now that the three-weekers are gone, the program is a little more tame, so i’ll have more time to myself. Paris is continuing to be my favorite place I’ve ever been. As much as I love it here, however, I am looking forward to coming home. I want to come back as soon as I can though. My favorite part is being able to walk into any restaurant or boulangerie (bakery) when you’re hungry, sit down, and be pretty much guaranteed an amazing meal. It’s easy for me to lose track of prices, but apparently you don’t think I’m spending enough, so I tried to fix that on Oxford Street in London. Speaking of London, the trip was all in all not that great. I just wanted to be back home in Paris. London is loud, crowded and dirty, but I just might not have had a good introduction. So I’ll save judgement for a better return visit in the future. It’s amazing how much this place feels like home now. I have my daily routines, I know the metro perfectly, I know all the good places for food and shopping, and my French is improving. There are days when class is super difficult, but sometimes it’s a lot easier. I just bought a dictionary today to study with. Tomorrow I’m going to the Eiffel tower. I’ll share all my pictures when I get home, because I don’t have enough time to upload them here. I hope everything at home is great, I miss all of you, and I enjoy reading the blog, so keep it up! I’ll talk to you soon, and please share with the rest of the family! Love, Ethan

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