Weather today

Ugh. 6 am Here in Phoenix. Windy. Hot. Hot wind. Marble floors help keep Angel and Mitch cool. I don’t let them stay outside long. It’s too hot.

Sonya’s last day with baby Maddy came yesterday. Mom Monica begins a new job closer to home next week, so Maddy will be closer to home, as well.

Meanwhile, little Alice gets sillier and funnier by the day.

Coming up this week: Bley family reunion in Fremont, Nebraska. Bringing my ipad, loaded with books. No laptop.

What’s doing in Paris?


One response to “Weather today

  1. Hi mom! Everything is great in Paris, got my new roommate finally. Sorry I haven’t gotten my phone yet. I went to Versailles today and I’ve been doing tours and stuff also. Went to the Centre Pompidou yesterday, but it was pretty boring. It’s hard to get time to talk to you guys because the internet has been down and were also just really busy. I hope everything is well. Let me know how the dogs are doing. Tomorrow we’re going to see the World Cup final match in a huge square with a giant screen .About 50,000 people are supposed to be watching it. Let everyone else know home I’m doing please. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to one of you on the phone soon, but I’d expect twice a week if you’re lucky. I’ll have plenty of time to fill you in when I get home!

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